About us

Having started selling cycling clothing from our house in 2015, Cycling Savings has grown substantially since then to offer a wide range of cycling clothing and accessories at affordable prices. 

We focus on 4 main areas:

1) Provide quality cycling clothing at affordable prices, so that more cyclists may have the opportunity to cycle in decent cycling apparel.

2) Offer colorful and vibrant clothing. Personally, I have found cycling to become a fashion parade for sponsors. We'd like to offer cyclists the opportunity to wear cycling clothing that bests shows off their personalities and let's them stand out from the bunch.

3) Offer fast, efficient and cost effective shipping on all our products. We are constantly searching for cheaper and faster ways to ship our products to you. We are proud to say that most of our orders shipped to main cities arrive within 24 hours of purchase, with almost all orders arriving within 48 hours of purchase. 

4) Blow your mind with customer service you didn't even know existed. Lastly, and most importantly to us, is that we would like to offer you the same service you'd expect to receive when staying at a 5 star hotel. Please look at our reviews from previous customers under the 'Reviews' section, to see exactly what we mean by this.